Oct 30, 2008

Solution to the housing crisis is simple.

If you take the stock market crisis out of the housing picture, remove the predatory loan defaults, what is left over is an opportunity for new home buyers to help correct the market.

History shows that real estate values go up and down. There has to be an adjustment period at some point. This adjustment period has alot more outside factors contributing to this particular market condition, but you can "FIX IT."

If you want to buy a house, you have good credit, you have down payment money (either enough for an FHA loan or you have 10-20%) it's OK to buy a home!

New listing total numbers are down. More homes are going in to contract. The market seems to be in the beginning stages of leveling off. If more people start to buy homes, the prices will eventually start to inch upward. Interest rates will remain low for a while. You will own a home.

It really is that simple. Supply and Demand.
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