Aug 11, 2012

VA loan Short Sale vs VA Loan Compromise Sale

What is the difference between a Short Sale on a VA loan vs a VA Loan Compromise Sale?

Be careful where you are reading about the information. There are "google results" that show websites with information about VA Loan Compromise Sales, but they are actually website that originate VA loans. Some sites are not government sites, so the information might not be totally accruate. 
I did some research on some of the websites that look like they are official VA loan originators - with names that would make you believe that they are official. Just be careful.
I start with the website since it is a government site.

Download the document here...

Here is my big question...What does this do to a veteran's ability to get another VA loan some day?

Do your research. The difference could be used as a reduction in your VA loan entitlement until the amount is paid off.

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