Nov 28, 2012

Clintonville Homes for Sale

  • Columbus Ohio has several smaller communities.
  • Clintonville is one of the older and very desireable areas just North of Ohio State Campus and South of Worthington Ohio. 
  • Search homes for sale in Clintonville on this site. This is a list of the  NEWEST listings this week in Clintonville.

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Contact Joan Defenbaugh at Kemp & Co if you need to make and appointment and get started right away finding your home.

If you have a Clintonville home to sell, call Joan Defenbaugh directly to set up an appointment with our Listing Agent, Brian Kemp or fill out the Contact Form here.

Nov 19, 2012

Seller Secrets: How do buyers find your home?

Seller Secrets: How do buyers find your home?

Your home price needs to compel a buyer to make an offer.

Do you want to be IN the market or OUTSIDE of the market? It is so tempting to test the market with a little bit higher list price, especially now that the Columbus, Ohio real estate market looks like it has hit bottom and is climing back up.  Consider all of the information from a professional Realtor who has been tuned in to this market for years.

Pricing your home slightly above market price will only get you time on the market. That's not a good thing. If you price slightly under the market, the market itself will bring the best price in the least amount of time.

When we sold our first little starter home to a "move-up" home, it was an easy decision for us to work with the first buyer who made an offer. We wanted to make house payments on the house we were going to move to, not the one we were leaving. The sooner we moved, the sooner we could start our long term investment on our move up home.

Price and Condition, price and condition, price and condition...If the condition of your property is the best it can be, then price will overcome all other objections.

This video gives some detail on how buyers find your home. Essentially, your first showing is on line. A buyer needs to feel compelled to come see your home. They know the market, they do a lot of research with their Realtor and on their own. They get advice from family and friends. Buyers are very well informed about value. To make sure that your home is found by buyers, price it right from day one.

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Nov 14, 2012

Clintonville Real Estate Market - be a Market Insider!

Clintonville - Columbus Ohio Real Estate Market update.

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Watch the market!

I grew up in Clintonville and I live close to the little "city within a city" now. Home values are showing as stable on the real estate market trends. This is good to see, especially when I saw the new rate sheets for this week. Rates are so low! 

Here is what you need to do if you want to SELL now. Call Kemp & Co and get an appointment set up with our listing agent, Brian Kemp. He will discuss your options and help you weigh out whether you can sell before the end of the year or if it makes sense to wait until next year to sell your Clintonville home.

If you want to buy a home in Clintonville, you need to set up a Buyer Consultation with our Lead Buyer Specialist, Joann Rasmussen. You will have a short discussion about the process, she answers many of your questions up front. You will receive your Buyers Guide from Kemp & Co along with a commitment to work as your Exclusive Buyer Agent. 

We have recommendations for local lenders, home inspectors, and home owner's insurance as well.  

Nov 12, 2012

Mobile App - It's real and it's fabulous!

I've tried quiet a few mobile apps for searching homes and condos for sale and this one is the best, by far.

*** Update:  This app is great. No advertising in your way. Up-to-date status on all property on the MLS.  Click to message ME about a home you see.

GPS enabled, so you can pull up in front of any home for sale and the app will automatically show you the information - no searching required.

You can also SHARE the app with a friend.

If you have an iPhone, go to iTunes and search KW Realty.  Once you accept the terms and conditions, it will ask for a code and mine is KW17DTNGM.

If you want to have a text message sent to you to download the app, go to this website and enter your cell number. (This works better on Android than it does on iPhone)

I'll post more later about how you can download MY app to your smartphone. I think that it looks like it will be easy to use.

This week Keller Williams is providing us with more information via a couple of webinar training sessions. So nice to get the info in advance.

Some of the work I do for real estate internet marketing includes making the ads look nice on mobile devices. Mobile is part of our focus so that our home sellers know that we are doing everything we can to reach the masses - and reach them on the devices that they use the most.

We know that almost 90% of home buyers start their search on line, but an ever increasing number of home buyers are looking for homes from their smartphones. I would be frustrated if I found that the info was outdated, so that is the BEAUTY of this Keller Williams mobile app. It will show you homes in your immediate area that are for sale.

Some other apps by "third party aggregators" as we affectionately call them, have homes listed that are already sold.

I'm pretty sure that the homes that are in contract will show up, just like they do on, but you will see the "status" of the listing.

When the Mobile App launches, I will be asking for feedback from my family and friends. Also, my past clients will get an invite to use and share the app with their family and friends. I won't know if this tool of my business is worth it unless I get feedback :0)

If you want to know more about what it's like to be an agent with Keller Williams, I would be happy to talk with you about that! Contact me here.

As always...the Defenbaugh Team of Keller Williams Capital Partners is your forward thinking team of Professional Real Estate Agents. Our goal is to make your real estate transaction something to brag about.

Nov 4, 2012

Election 2012 - I am recycling you!

Election 2012 - I am recycling you! 

Bless you Postal Workers everywhere for delivering these beautifully designed, yet very slippery postcards, flyers and stuff. Have you tried to pick up a stack of these things? I think I might try to use them as glides under heavy furniture. I think they would slide more easily! 

Hmmmmm....I wonder what else we could do with them? Holiday crafts? I think I will try making this Retro Clock out of junk mail.


I can't believe what a big waste of paper this stuff is for everyone.

Job creation? I hope more people were working because of the mass production of this "oh so important" information that was filling my mail box on a daily basis. 

This week was crazy! 

Rather than just throw it away, please at least recycle!

Our recycle bin is plenty full by the time our "every other Monday" pick up comes along. This time it is a little bit heavier with all of the election junk mail that we have received over the past months.

I'm excited for the election to be OVER. The only thing I want to say about politics, is