Nov 4, 2012

Election 2012 - I am recycling you!

Election 2012 - I am recycling you! 

Bless you Postal Workers everywhere for delivering these beautifully designed, yet very slippery postcards, flyers and stuff. Have you tried to pick up a stack of these things? I think I might try to use them as glides under heavy furniture. I think they would slide more easily! 

Hmmmmm....I wonder what else we could do with them? Holiday crafts? I think I will try making this Retro Clock out of junk mail.


I can't believe what a big waste of paper this stuff is for everyone.

Job creation? I hope more people were working because of the mass production of this "oh so important" information that was filling my mail box on a daily basis. 

This week was crazy! 

Rather than just throw it away, please at least recycle!

Our recycle bin is plenty full by the time our "every other Monday" pick up comes along. This time it is a little bit heavier with all of the election junk mail that we have received over the past months.

I'm excited for the election to be OVER. The only thing I want to say about politics, is