Nov 19, 2008

Is a “short sale” a bargain? | Rain City Guide

Here is a great blog about Short Sale properties. I often get requests to send a potential home buyer some "foreclosure" and "short sale" listings because they want to get a steal of a bargain. Unfortunately, on a short sale, often the bank will not settle for less than a certain amount to cover as much as possible of the current mortgage balance. The mortgage balance could be much higher than the current property value. Every situation is different. The bank has no emotional attachment to the property, therefore, will not be as flexible with a potential buyer.

I would say that the best "deals" are those where the seller is very motivated to sell for various reasons (job change, family, etc) other than being strapped with monthly payments that they can no longer make.

Although this bog is regarding the Seattle area, it still applies to real estate in Columbus, Ohio.

Is a “short sale” a bargain? Rain City Guide

Check back for more information about buying short sale and foreclosure properties in Columbus, Ohio.

Here is a link to the current active, in contract and SOLD short sale properties in Central Ohio.

Nov 6, 2008

EPA Seeks Help Nabbing Dumper - Crime - -

Here is a news story from NBC4i regarding dumping of paint in Clintonville.

I think that if this Illegal Dumper is caught, they will wish that they would have followed some simple procedures that are far less expense than paying fines!

EPA Seeks Help Nabbing Dumper - Crime - -

Here is a website that explains the procedure for dumping in and around Columbus, Ohio.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see specifics for Latex Paint!