Aug 25, 2012

Green cleaning supplies - I have to try this!

That Tilex bleach stuff and Scrubbing Bubble spray is kicking out some serious fumes.

Cleaning supplies are a big budget buster in our house. Even if we were empty nesters again, the cleaning supply fumes are just plain BAD for us.

I like to find ways to save money on disposable items like cleaning supplies and at the same time feel safer and better about being green.

Here is my experiment of the day...

  • White distilled vinegar
  • Hydrogen peroxide 

I have those two ingredients! I'm going to clean something with this today and see how it works. I have been using those daily sprays that look innocent enough - on the glass shower doors.  I accidentally discovered that vinegar works on glass doors as well.

We were removing wallpaper in our bedroom and I needed to mix up a batch of hot water and vinegar to spray on the walls to help peel off the wallpaper. I didn't realize that I had put the spray bottle back in the bathroom, not realizing it was the diluted vinegar!   I sprayed it on the shower doors and remembered right away because vinegar does NOT smell like daily shower cleaner :0)   - Long story works.

Now I'll try the hydrogen peroxide with it too and see how it works! I mentioned it to my daughter who is a 28-year-old, mom of three) and she said, "Yep Saw that on Pinterest"   I should have known. We have a total of six bathrooms in our big Columbus Ohio home. Didn't plan it that way, but we are blessed to be a multi-generational household with a mother-in-law suite - so this is our reality. Ou tof curiousity, I ran a search for other homes in the area that have more than 5 bathrooms and found over 100.

Ok, on with the day!