Dec 19, 2012

Columbus Ohio Urgent Care locations

Is it important for you to live near a doctor's office or hospital? 

Well, we are finding out that it is a huge help to live just a short distance from a pharmacy, hospital or urgent care.

It's flu season and there are so many stories of this nasty flu bug going around. It's important to know your options. I personally had a list of 24 hour pharmacies posted up on my refrigerator when my kids were little. Now that we have grandchildren and Google, it's important to find this info once again.

Here is a list of some of the 24 Hour Pharmacies in and around Worthington, Ohio

The map shows hospitals, pharmacies and urgent care locations in Worthington, Ohio. (not necessarily open 24/hr)

If you would like to search for homes for sale in Worthington Ohio that are near a medical facility like an urgent care or hospital, click here.

I have a friend who has four boys and she has mentioned on more than one occasion that living nearby the urgent care has been a wonderful perk to living in Worthington Ohio. Sports injuries, flu season and medical help for visiting guests - we need it all close by. I never take it for granted that we have access to these facilities.

Stay healthy! And remember to call Kemp & Co to help you find that home in the perfect location for your lifestyle. We also specialize in selling homes that other agents could not sell.